Adrestia: What is it & What it Does with Product Manager Alex Apeldoorn

Join James as he covers the following topics:

  • Ada Lovelace a day after her 205th birthday. 
  • Product manager of Adrestia talks about what his team is doing and why it’s critical to adoption.
  • Input Output Global is looking for stake pools to delegate to. Does your pool qualify?   

Impact of Ada Lovelace:   

Integrating with Cardano: Adrestia – Gateway to the World:   

Integrating and Advancing with Adrestia:   

Adrestia APIs & SDK: 

Getting Started with Third-party Integration:   

IOG Delegation Policy:   

IOG Delegation Application Form:

Guest Info

Name: Alex Apeldoorn

Position: Production Manager of Adrestia and Atlas

Company: Input Output Global

Telegram: @AlexIOHK

This episode of Your Cardano Update is brought to you by United Stakes of Cardano [USA01], a premier stake pool on the Cardano network.

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