Cardano Foundation’s New Partnership | ADA Token Locking | Adosia’s IoT Solution

Join James as he covers the following topics:

  • Cardano Foundation collaborates to bring proof of concept supply chain to blockchain. 
  • Input Output Global introduces token locking.
  • Adosia Wolf talks about his Internet of Things company and his plans for tokenization on Cardano.

 Cardano Foundation Collaboration Blog Post:  

IOG Introduces Token Locking:   

Adosia’s Site:

Adosia IoT Platform YouTube Video:  

GrepBeat Article on Adosia:

Guest Info

Name: Kyle Solomon (Adosia Wolf)

Stake Pools: FROG, FROG2, WOLF


Twitter: @adosiawolf

This episode of Your Cardano Update is brought to you by United Stakes of Cardano [USA01], a premier stake pool on the Cardano network.

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