Cardano Hispano, SPOCRA Info, and More…

Join James as he covers the following topics:

  • Alfred introduces Cardano Hispano for Spanish speaking audiences.
  • Shweta discusses SPOCRA and resources they are putting out.
  • Cardano Ambassador Maria discusses how she serves the Cardano community helping anyone she can.
  • Today on Get To Know That SPO, we talk to Denicio, running Weqanhet Pool, about the alliance stake pool and how it helps smaller pools.

Cardano Hispano:… 

SPOCRA Operator’s Guide:… 

Coconut Pool Instagram: 

Alliance Stake Pool Online:

Featured Guest 1

Name: Alfred

Stake Pool: TOPO Pool

Ticker: TOPO


Featured Guest 2

Name: Shweta

Stake Pool: kBlocks Pool

Ticker: BLOCK


Twitter: @kBLOCKs_ADA

Featured Guest 3

Name: Maria Carmo

Stake Pool: Cardanistas Pool

Ticker: CARDS


Get To Know That SPO

Name: Denicio

Stake Pool: Weqanhet Pool

Ticker: WEQNT


This episode of Your Cardano Update is brought to you by United Stakes of Cardano [USA01], a premier stake pool on the Cardano network.

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