Should the IRS Tax POS Rewards as Regular Income?

Join James as he covers the following topics:

  • 4 Congressmen send a letter to IRS about POS taxes.
  • Rebecca, a certified CPA, comes on the show for a second time to talk about her thoughts about the letter, as well as, answering questions from the community on crypto taxes.
  • Today on Get To Know That SPO, we talk to Shewta, running Kibloc [KIBC1, KIBC2], about how she got into Cardano. 

Featured Guest

Name: Rebecca Samuels



Get To Know That SPO

Name: Shewta

Stake Pool: Kibloc

Ticker: KIBC1, KIBC2

This episode of Your Cardano Update is brought to you by United Stakes of Cardano [USA01], a premier stake pool on the Cardano network.

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